If you are organising a festival or would like to exhibit soundtoys please contact us.

The soundtoys.net project has been featured at numerous venues internationally. Soundtoys online and offline projects and artists works are available for exhibitions and festivals. The project was shown at Sonar in Spain. Convergence the soundtoys exhibition was shown at the ICA in london as part of the Cybersonica festival. Soundtoys was featured at Den Hague film festival and Zeppelin festival in Barcelona. Garage - festival for art, featured soundtoys in Stralsund/Germany.

The soundtoys site and artists included are available for presentations at festivals and galleries worldwide.

Soundtoys is now gaining worldwide exposure. Soundtoys is being promoted at numerous festivals. The site has been reviewed at Sonar, on Sonify, the Independent, on EngishTV, El Pais, Art monthly, Irish Musem Of Modern Art, Wire.

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