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Anti-Keyframe is a freeware VJ-application developed in Max/Msp/Jitter for Mac OS X.


The VJ applications available on the marked are far too complex because they tend to focus on both editing and performing. Eyes fixed on preview screens, mixing between multiple layers and manipulating a number of effects, you simply forget to pay attention to the music.


Because Anti-Keyframe is a performance tool only, the interaction can be simplified to fit a standard game-pad (image#1). By moving the physical interaction away from the computer and the eyes away from the screen you can start focusing on the present. Anti-Keyframe is handled like a musical instrument and after a bit of practice it will feel just like that (image#2).
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My working field in interactive media ranges from research, generation of ideas and design processes, to hardware and software prototyping and presentation. My work includes both concept design for new interactive products and art related projects. My core interest lies in the cross-modal relationship between interactive visuals and music, more recently, in the area of simulated nature and life. I mostly do projects in groups and have over the past years been working with electronic & acoustic musicians, graphic & industrial designers, engineers and various media artists.

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I have contributed to a number of interactive art events in Copenhagen. A full overview of my working history can be found at my website.