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Mu is a simple rhythmic performance tool I created in Max/msp. It started out as a exercise in which I attempted to create a synthesized piece from scratch without using any samples (I have been using a lot of samples lately). The main design feature in Mu is that it uses a single wave table to generate all the sounds in the piece. Moreover, this wave table is randomly (with constrains) generated when Mu is loaded and can be regenerated during the playback. As a result, Mu sounds a bit different every time its loaded. Mu uses probability method to produce its rhythmic pattern and has a mutation function to create new ones on demand. Because of this, I don?t have direct control over the detail of the rhythmic pattern Mu creates. However, each of the rhythmic voice has a probability parameter that can be adjusted to control the regularity of it being played.

Because of the way Mu is originally designed, its application is perhaps somehow less general than the conventional software in the similar category. However, as a open source release, Mu can be modified to become highly personalized tools. My intention is to see people use and create their own Mu.

Mu is a music application build in Max/msp 4.2 for Mac. Its original patch is also included in the distribution so that it can be modified and compiled for Windows. Mu can be downloaded.

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Chun Lee is a musician/composer from Taipei, Taiwan who now lives and works in London. Initially trained as a classical musician, he became increasingly fascinated by the technological and experimental aspect of contemporary music. He now focuses his compositional practice on algorithmic/generative music using software tools such as Max/Msp and Pd. A self-thought C programmer, he is also developing his own external objects for the above software. In addition to his compositional practice, he is also working towards his doctoral degree in Electronic Arts at Middlesex University.

Chun Lee has presented his works in both the UK and Europe and has also worked in collaboration with other digital arts practitioners from various disciplines.