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Version v.005

Technical note; you can use your arrow keys to zoom in/out. click your mouse for a different coloured lightning and visual appearance.If your screen goes all gray on a windows machine, and you don`t see a thing at all. There is problely a little conflict with your graphic-card and shockwave-director. Try changing the rendering mode; by pressing your right mousebutton. Try on of these: Always use Software Renderer (slow!) or 3D Renderer - Always Use hardware - OpenGL or 3D Renderer - Always Use hardware - DirectX 5 or 3D Renderer - Always Use hardware - DirectX 7. They all seem to give different visual output on your screen. (a little bonus!)
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Anyway I cooked something up for soundtoys, I hope it will be good enough for the time being. First I tried adding some sounds, but couldn`t find the right admosphere with it yet, and it was becoming ugly. Anyway I make my work mostly influenced by the background noises, music from my soundsystem, repeative typing on my keyboard, ventilators and noises from the street outside.