eric deis : about

Eric Deis is an emerging interdisciplinary artist from Vancouver, Canada. He has produced impactful works in video, installation, digital media, sculpture, drawing, and photography. Deis is a graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver (B.F.A.) and the University of California, San Diego (M.F.A.). His work has been exhibited in Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, United States, and Germany. His work is a process of inquiry to understand the world around us and engage with its infinite richness. Eric uses a diverse range of mediums to expose how the devices we have developed to articulate information shape our perception of the world. Euphoria for the subtle peculiarities of his immediate environment inspires him to augment the structures that shape our understanding of the world to expose its flaws and splendour. see. This is a multi-user artwork and best viewed with more than one person connected.
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