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La Langue Se Charge

What is a script, who made it and how is it read ? This project is about the language of the computer, the code that uses computer to decode information. Untying the language, refusing the punctuation, proposing the explosion, the dissemination of the text and exploring the possibilities of accumulation and ambulation, the clashes, the ruptures, the gropings and the incidents, there is also a significant interest for the question of the telephone, of the communication via the electronics, the remote voice, of the word also, Internet is a medium rather close to the telephone, it is an amplification of the remote communication. Language throw technology is made of text and numbers.The method which passes from the mail, the letter, to the chat and the videoconference, is always that of research, of the search, with the continuation of wasted time. "the tongue is loaded" thus proposes an experiment of loss of time, of influence of time. This is an audio-haptic experiment about the relationships between text, space, time, sound and music inspired by Samuel Beckett's "L'image" and many others influences in different fields. An interactive audio real time nettwork experience. "How to touch a word? And to let itself touch by a word? A visible, audible, readable word? For a long time we struggle between tact and vision, the eye which does not touch and the eye which touches, such a finger or lips. It would be time to speak about the voice which touches - always remotely, like the eye - and of the telephone caress, if not about the telephone call." Jacques Derrida. Le toucher, Jean-Luc Nancy.
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Netart, Video and Audio Artist. Lives and works in Paris, France. Working on relationships between body, space and time. He is a member of the experimental web platform Incident.net. Since 1992, Michael Sellam has realized installations, audio works, video art, video installation artworks and interactive installation artworks. His works reveals itself as a experiment of the creative possibilities of the new technologies and the viewer's adaptability and powers of discernement. He also associate technological artworks to their declensions as interactive installations and to derivation products. Experimenting art possibilities. He studied interactive fiction, video, audio and interactive installations with Anne-Marie Duguet and Jean-Louis Boissier, he also collaborate with other artists in many works during workshops and he is in 2003 invited to run a workshop in the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Rennes as an invited artist.