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2006 Transmediale - projected presented 2005 Performance of Machine For Breathing digital audio software, London, 2005 Performance of Machine For Breathing audio software, Cirencester 2005 Disculpen el Felicadad (with Ijad Dance Company), Michaelis Dance Theatre, London 2005 ReadMe 100 Festival, Performance of electronic music at readMe's end-party. 2005 ReadMe 100 Festival, Germany, persentation of commissioned software art project. 2005 Sonar Festival Of Advanced Music And Media Arts, Presentation of Work, Barcelona. 2005 Sonar Festival Of Advanced Music And Media Arts, Short Performance, Barcelona. 2005 No_Un_Objeto art event, Madrid, Spain. March2005 2005 Circulo de Balles Artes, Madrid, compositions played on radio station. 2004 Dorkbot-Madrid 2 , machineForLargeOrchestra + Solu (visuals) 2004 ElectroLounge I (machineForBrassAndPercussion performance), Madrid 2004 Animal Rights video being shown around 2004 Microsound Lounge III (machineForSineWaveWorkouts), Madrid 2004 Microsound Lounge II (windMachine performance), Madrid, Spain 2004 Casa de los Jacintos (video), Madrid, Spain 2004 Artistas Del Barrio (video), Madrid, Spain 2004 291 Gallery, London, work shown in colloboration with choergrapher Dominique Rivoal. 2004 Residency (Dance And Technology), DigiLounge 1, UK 2003 Festival Garage, Germany 2003 Zeppelin Sound Art Festival, CCCB, Barcelona 2003 Performance by Cellular Grid Machine, CCCB,Barcelona 2003 Presentation:Generative Music, CCCB,Barcelona 2002 Post Digital Tendencies (ISA performance),Madrid 2002 Microsound Lounge I (ISA performance), Madrid 2002 Radar Live Act (ISA performance),Madrid 2000 Lux Centre (video), London(2000) 2000 Chisenhale Gallery (video),London 1999 Chisenhale Dance Space (DanceTech presentation) London, UK 1999 Lansdowns Centre Of Electronic Art, UK (sound installation) 1999 Sonic Art Network Conference II(Electric Spring Festival), UK (2 installations) 1998 Digital Underground, London, UK (installation) 1998 Lansdowns Centre Of Electronic Art, UK (sound installation) 1998 Sonic Art Network Conference I, Birmingham, UK (sound installation) 1997 Slade School Of Fine Art (performance of generative music), UK 1997 Kebele (performance of generative music),Bristol, UK 1997 Cornation Road Space (performance of generative music) ,Bristol, UK 1995 InNoSense, Oxford, UK (sound installation) 1994 Camberwell College Of Art, London, UK (acid priest)