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Sodanstructor is an engaging online construction kit that gives visitors the ability to build interactive creations from a sparse framework of limbs and muscles. By altering physical properties like gravity, friction and speed, curiously anthropomorphic models can be made to walk, climb, wriggle, jiggle or alternatively collapse into a writhing heap.

Sodaconstructor exploded across the internet in a wave of spontaneous e-mail communication and web postings in the summer of 2000 creating a massive growth of unusually dedicated users in a phenomenon known as viral marketing. Since then a large and active worldwide community of sodaplayers have been creating their own sodaconstructions which now populate the sodazoo with a bourgeoning menagerie of models that are stranger and more diverse than soda ever imagined possible.
Sodaconstructor generates sound online using a home brewed software synth written in java. The sound is not constructed from pre-loaded samples, instead sodaconstructor renders a single continously evolving and looping sample. Certain physical characteristics such as tension of muscles or collisions of masses contribute harmonics and noise to the sample, generating a dense sound texture that responds intimately to the interactive model movement.

Soda are experimenting with linking an application called sodaconstructor via the open sound control protocol (osc) to audio software such as supercollider and max/msp.there is also another version of sodaconstructor generating sound which has been shown as a plasma touch screen installation at the barcelona based sonar festival
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Soda develops creative tools that help communities work, play and learn together. Formed in 1996 we are a team of artists, developers and entrepreneurs best known for the BAFTA-winning online construction environment, Sodaplay.