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Please submit your projects here. We are looking for net art, soundtoys, generative and interactive artworks. It helps if the works have sounds but they don't need to. The work must be interesting and they must work technically.

We are looking work that is suitable for kids for example, ie, playful fun interactive works. We are also interesting in games and gaming culture. Soundtoys also accepts more conceptual artworks and net art. If you are not sure about what we accept have a good look at the site. We also accept documentation for installations and large scale public sound art project and performances.

We are also accepting contributions for the journal.

Please NOTE. Make sure that your work is contained within a HTML page and that it actually works, ie don't just send a swf file or a jpeg and say check this out, because we wont, it will just deleted. Please make sure you have text information about the work to help your audience. Please note because of the amount of visitors to the soundtoys site, your work if accepted will be seen by large audience. Preference is given to submitted hosted works as these can also be exhibited in our exhibiting series at galleries.

Please do no use these forms for sending in email requests or spamming. If you need to contact us or send spam use the email address below. Thanks.

API documentation

The developed API is a unique opportunity for others to interact with the soundtoys content. You can

write your own interfaces to the work, re-curate the works and reference the work in many different ways. You are welcome to play about with this, let us know what you come up with.

The API is still in development and we are looking for someone with tech knowledge to carry on this work.