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interview with: julian baker (2005/08/30)
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Julian Baker interviewed by soundtoys.net 1999

How long have you been working in this area?

Five years

Were you an artist/ musician first who got into using computers/the net or did you respond to the net in an artistic way?

I used computers for work, eventually computers themselves and the worlds they contain became more fascinating than the real world product I made with them.

What/who has influenced you in your work? (themes, other artists etc)

A lifetime of listening to great music, the immersive experience of first playing Myst, the work of John Maeda, amongst others.

Are there any other artists covering the same field as you?

My respect goes to AudioRom, Header, Bong + Dern, GM Star.

With regard to 'soundtoys' especially, why do you think the audio visual metaphor is so key to the net?

The net itself has no particular relevance to soundtoys, but it is an ideal distribution system.

Does the net promotes visual awareness that is unique to it?

Computers and art have seen the rise of what I would call a 1 bit aesthetic.

How novel do you feel generative music is?

Generative music is not what I would call novel, it has a long and respected tradition. Composers such as Bach and Mozart used mathematical procedures in their work.

Would you describe yourself as a multimedia artist, a net.artist, programmer, or none of the above?

Multimedia artist

What software do you use most?

Director, Beatnik, PhotoShop


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