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Stub is easily downloadable from the web, it explores the possibilities of the computer's executable environment within an existingoperating system. Doing this allows more diverse and explorative activities, as the web is, by definition, a limited medium. Shockwave is ultimately unfullfilling, and is a flakey and unreliable technology, which is a shame - it used to be fantastic.

Authored: 5:10:06pm 23/07/00
Tech Req: Macintosh PowerPC, MacOS 8.0+ (QuickTime? Musical Instruments).

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Adrian Ward is a software artist, programmer, musician, systems administrator and lecturer. Since 1999, his London-based company Signwave UK has worked for a wide range of clients and customers, and has released a variety of software products, some of which question just how far one can stretch the definition of 'commercial software'. He is most known for his auto-generative software artworks that articulate concerns over authenticity, authorship and authority by deploying parody software into the graphic design community. His first piece, Autoshop - a parody of Adobe Photoshop - earned him a modest following in the Macintosh design community, whilst his latest offering, Auto-Illustrator - a fully-blown vector graphic design application - continues to insult, offend and abuse graphic designers looking for an easy ride everywhere.
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