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Ad Libitum

Ad Libitum is a web project built to generate simple automatic (random) counterpoints. It consists in three (equal) flash objects embedded in a html page, inside each module three cells try to connect random points, when a cell will reach a point it play a sample.

Users could only turn on or off modules to get a ?thicker or lighter? sonic texture.
Samples are divided into three pentatonic sets, any set has a different timbre (one for each cell), because using pentatonic modes gives always consonant intervals (both harmonic and melodic) an euphonic soundscape is the final result.

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Alessandro Capozzo (b. 1970) is a multimedia designer and creative coder..He attended formal study of musicology and less formal of compositions and electronic music. He's a co-founder of, an open network for communication and new media professionals. He works and lives in Milan, Italy.