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Glitch is the digital deconstruction of an image that suffers a rupture in its source code, this rupture is known as a system error. Glich-gen uses a series of errors processed through a source code in actionscript 2 in order to generate computer animations based on image errors.
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In Dream Addictive Laboratory we develop virtual environments by exploring the possibilities of the interaction media trough the graphic communication. Inside the actual historic context, the technological infrastructure is ruling our dynamic as a society, from the production media up to the way that we relate to other. Is in this globalization process where the images are no longer a communication code; instead, they are becoming in a collective identity ruling facts. As the communication increase, the cultural uniformity also does and results in total in-communication. To break the package assigned to the messages and re-find the sense of the graphic representation as a way to express our human condition is part of the researching and experimentation that we made inside the new media. The Internet as a decentralized-structure public space allows establishing dynamic relationship with the spectator, who leaves this position in order to become an active and collaborative agent with the pieces. The simultaneity experience featured in the Internet technology request -from the creative work- a criticizing and interdisciplinary experimentation in the off-line reality reconstruction. In the Dream Addictive Laboratory we combine the software with disciplines of graphic representation as painting, illustration and photography; we are interested in getting deeper within the technical and semiotic process of the icon-graphic narration as a media to communicate each other and interact from a re-created space and time to the real-time interacting people. The projects of the present catalog are defined in its interaction by themes as diverse as the dreaming subjectivity, documental record, graphic simulations generator applied code and image mixing-projection micro-software production.