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Project: What can be a 3D sound-Sampler? How can you play/create with sound in a 3D environment? What does it mean to be 'in' the sound?
Description : A vrml cubic structure including 33-1 sounding cubes.
Requirements : Vrml Plug-in : Pivoron (PC) or CosmoPlayer (Mac +PC) SoundCard + Speakers!
Interact: 1x Click on a cube make the sample play once. 2x Click on a cube make the sample play loop. Click on a cube while the sample is looped, stop it. Drag a cube on its axis, makes the sample' pitch change. Navigate through cameras list to get others viewpoints.

Usage : Stand-alone application (monitor screening or video-projector). Performance / '3Dj' playing for the audience (video-projectors). Installation / XpjS can be adapted to DeepMatrix MultiUser server to synchronize multi-screening (require at least 4 video-projectors).

Regarding Performance and Installation, please contact me.

Open : Edit the XPJSV2.WRL source file Replace your own samples in the Protolines (bottom) and send me your version ;-)
Online version :
Credits : Project & development : Grgoire Cliquet, Sound Design : Niktay, Special thanks : Actions Reseaux Numeriques

Enjoy : Vrml Plug ready? Enter / play Loud !
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Head of Undergraduate Interaction Design Studies at L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique since 2004. Currently achieving Ph.D. in “Social Networks and Innovation” at the Presence & Innovation department, ENSAM Angers / France.For a while now, digital technologies and services have appeared all around us on a worldwide scale. Art, design and media higher education institutions have taken into account this emerging and challenging trend pervading our societies.
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