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Domestic E.M.I.

This project came about from an artists residency for a 'Disinformation' show. Disinformation aka. Joe Banks works with atmospheric recordings and delves into the depths of relationships between these and mans experience of noise, origins of image and sound and beyond. We responded with an 'acoustic diagram' which by using external links to acoustic and vibration sites, took you on a discovery journey of magnetic interference in our daily lives. As well as providing information, through a playful means, on these areas, it exists as an art work.

The main navigational area is constructed in Flash, utilising action script for specific sound and visual interaction, where the objects respond to the actual waveform. Domestic E.M.I. uses external links as a resource of information, which relates to the interactive journeys through sound and vibration. The external links become part of the fiction the landscape portrays.

Domestic E.M.I. was produced by Semiconductor for their Artists Residency at the exhibition,"The Origin of Painting" by Disinformation, which took place at Fabrica in Brighton during November and December 2001.Semiconductorpresented their DVD-'Hi-Fi Rise' each week in the Gallery,showed and gave a talk about their films at related events at the Brighton Cinematheque,and performed their work at a special music event, 'Noise and Visuals'at the Hanbury Ballroom.Also to coincide with the exhibition Semiconductor presented 'Sonic City',an evening where the public could interact with their art and see some of their work installed in the gallery. The Films Shown at Cinematheque were:Sunday 18th November 2001 The Bride of Frankenstein with Semiconductors Retropolis Sunday 25th November 2001 Craig Baldwin?s Spectres of the Spectrum with Semiconductors New Antics Thursday 29th November 2001 Tesla night out with Semiconductors Linear The music event on the 2nd December 2001 at the Hanbury Ballroom featured: Antenna Farm People Like Us Janek Schaefer Disinformation Semiconductor. Semiconductor would like to thank Jonathon Swain and Joe Banks.
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semiconductor : about

Ruth Jarman + Joseph Gerhardt. Semiconductor make moving image works which reveal our physical world in flux; cities in motion, shifting landscapes and systems in chaos. Since 1999 UK artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt have worked with digital animation to transcend the constraints of time, scale and natural forces; they explore the world beyond human experience, questioning our very existence.

semiconductor : awards & exhibitions

2009/02-03/1-14 Emergence Enchanted, Long Beach, Los Angeles. Group show, Magnetic Movie installation.
2009/02-04/12-04 Fuzzy Electronics (+Magnetics), Netwerk Gallery, Aalst, Belgium.
2009/01/21-25 Media Space Stuttgart, Germany. Group show, Mini Epochs installation.
2008/2009 Modulart, moving image commission for Modular Building, Roslare, Belgium.