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Rythym Engine

Through the "RhythmEngine", we suggest, "the session which is inherited from the past to the future using place as an agent" and "music and image communication which has rich emotion" to the Web-world."RhythmEngine" (REg) is a project of spatial communication/session tool with "Music" and "visual effects" over the network. The new tool, "REg" proposes an ideal way of new un-simultaneous communication to the current web-world where mainly "exchanging words" on " real time" is getting more focused. The world of web used to be based on un-simultaneous communication as e-mail communication indicates of its method for instance. Broad-band-ization in recent years tends to promote to pursuing of simultaneity (Real-time) connection. The communication tool is switching from the e-mail to messenger. However, real-time communication is pursued how hard, the delay never becomes zero. Moreover, does the difference of "delay" of a 2milli-second or a 1milli-second have significance so much?

I want you to know our project and carry out a test play, and a chance to spread "RhythmEngine".

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