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Pet 00

PET_00 allows the user to create new compositions from a set of samples created by the composer Laura Baxter. These samples are each small micro-compositions in their own right which are made from samples of live music performances. Users can select sections from these, and control playback volume and panning for them, effectively re-sampling the samples and layering their own compositons over those of both Laura and the original recordings.

PET_00 compositions are based on small particle systems. Each particle represents a section of a sample. The movement of the particles can be influenced by attractor elements which vary in strength over time, thus creating fluxating patterns of movement amongst the particles. The samples attached to the particles are activated when they pass through "trigger zones" which adopt the colours from the particles as they play. This creates and kind of simple animated visual structure which refelcts the generated sound structure.

Compositions can be stored in an online database. Users can play other peoples' composiitons or re-edit existing ones.

The project was commissioned by the Paragon Ensemble who use it to open their live performances presented on a projection behind their performers. It is available online at
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Artist and programmer, works with Free Open Source Software projects and is interested in various forms of autonomous social practices and non-institutional knowledge systems, Glasgow.

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Has been used in various live performances by the Paragon Ensemble.