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K9-[1] is an interactive sound application, modelled on simple physics -ping or drop a ball on a pad and it plays a sound.

The aim was to build a sound application, which anyone could play, using simple graphic elements such as in the retro computer game Pong (1972) - a ball and some lines.

In K9-[1] bounce the balls off the pads to create a composition of sonic pings. Choose from a multitude of different instruments on the midi controller and change the pitch by moving the pads.

K9-1 click to download.mac ... for PC download
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Recently, we have developed our soundworks by utilising virtual life algorithms, like those used for exploring the behaviours of decentralised systems, such as bird flocks and insect colonies.

Springtails is a colony of e-insects which react when touched. Touch the e-insects with your cursor and they catapult, entrap them in a spring and it chimes. This soundwork combines human interaction with autonomous behavior. The springtails respond to both the cursor and each other, compiling their own sound composition - this enables each performance to be unique.
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System 1.6

System 1.6 uses artificial life algorithms to construct a live sound composition. It is a tank that contains 13 digital species that interact with each other in a brightly coloured electronic world.

We designed a plethora of electronic species before deciding upon the 13 used within System 1.6. Like balancing the ecology of an aquarium, it was important to find the right combination of hunters and prey to ensure that the audio composition would shift between moments of franticness and tranquillity. When the digital species interact, they spark off an explosion of sound. Every time System 1.6 is re-launched, the species reconfigure.
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boredomresearch have been producing soundscapes as a combined result of human interaction and computation since 2001.

"Vicky & Paul's projects include a lot of new and interesting ideas, as well as some cool styling, which go beyond an easy definition of calling them art. There are people around the globe who have gotten into 'Possessed', but probably without realising that it's an artwork. 'Possessed' is an intriguing and exciting game. It's fun, even though a bit addictive! And it's a lot more sophisticated than the usual shot and destroy or got-to-get-to-the-treasure concepts of most commercial gaming projects." Bernhard Living - UK
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