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thumbnail screenshotAqua Mentis by:elia basso
Aqua Mentis is a multimedia installation, an interactive environment created to analyze and experiment in what way sounds and noises create the mental representation, the idea ... +
thumbnail screenshotBroadcasting Simulator by:yoshi sodeoka
Broadcasting simulator model 000201 with seven channels.
thumbnail screenshotCaution by:emilie pitoiset
Well I guess in one sense this is what some people have come to regard as one of theose annoying net art projects. It takes over your browser and opens loads of windows. ... +
thumbnail screenshotClear by:martin franklin
Transcendental Cyber-Human Soundworlds.Steps into a world developing a new aesthetic of immersive, layered soundfields and images with a hidden eroticism, fusing with the ... +
thumbnail screenshotDatacity 2004 by:stanza
Live sounds and live image data caputured in real time from cameras around Bristol. Based on live capture of CCTV in real time. Turn into a painterly interpretation of the ... +
thumbnail screenshotEnvelope
envelope investigates the life span of all envelope systems from the construction of signs, forms and events to the eventual decay and degradation, its (deconstruction).
thumbnail screenshotInner City by:stanza
2002 Sections inside include virosity. artitexture. blackstar. complicity. cuboxis. intoxcity. megalopolis.organicity. phyletcity.revolver. utopias. Continuing the search for ... +
thumbnail screenshotLa Langue Se Charge by:michael sellam
What is a script, who made it and how is it read ? This project is about the language of the computer, the code that uses computer to decode information. Untying the language, ... +
thumbnail screenshotLinasound by:benjamin louis
"Lineasound" permet de creer des boucles aleatoires,selon le contr le de la souris par l'utilisateur. je voulait recreer un "orgue de barbarie", mais c'etait trop linaire 131 ... +
thumbnail screenshotNanoensembles by:antoine schmitt
A new series of pieces for the internet: Little broken musical mechanical automatas, which evolve endlessly and autonomously. In-between the individual presence of the objects ... +
thumbnail screenshotNo. 6a by:peter luining
Interactive minimal sound piece.
thumbnail screenshotNop Sing by:benjamin louis
"Nop_sing"est un attracteur visuel et sonore. Aucune interactivite, tout est base que sur du random. Seul la matrice est fixe.
thumbnail screenshotSinging Worms ... by:nekomook
A Non-interactive randomness sound thing.
thumbnail screenshotTextbook by:compound pilot
Textbook is inspired by Man Ray's "Untitled poem, 391, no. 17 (1924)," where lines of text are blacked out so that the original words are no longer readable. In our piece the ... +
thumbnail screenshotTwice Told Tales by:nicholas economos
A diaristic and "open" composition comprised of sound bits culled from various recordings. The notion of "frozen sounds" cited in Noise Water Meat, A History of Sound in the ... +
thumbnail screenshotWeather Player by:owain rich
WeatherPlayer is an online audio sound-art installation which creates generative music from the weather. A hardware sculpture captures light, temperature, wind and water data ... +
thumbnail screenshotWeb Of Lies / Tiss De Mensonges by:tamara lai
Texts, images, animations, sounds & codes : Tamara LAI (Belgium)Keywords: posthuman,, language, Internet, audio, animationGenre: AllegoryType: Visual, Text, Audio, ... +
thumbnail screenshotc404_28_v1.5 by:yoshi sodeoka's something for your senses. Click in the frame to make toy activeI'm interested in making unpleasant noise which is under appreciated in way; we are ... +
thumbnail screenshotradar by:8rolek
sound-toy designed specially for "natarcie netartu" exhibition. "natarcie netartu" took place in june 2003 in national gallery of modern art "zacheta" in warsaw.
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