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thumbnail screenshotAmis by:dimitri barnias
AMIS (Asynchronous Music Information Streams) is a software MIDI interface based on the ideas of Granular synthesis. It is not a Granular synthesizer by means of altering the ... +
thumbnail screenshotDrive Scroll by:greg sidal
The Drive Scroll screen saver displays the data from a disk drive as a scrolling image. The data is directly copied to an RGB screen buffer without interpretation.
thumbnail screenshotEi by:ivan bachav
I rely on basic statement as that the idea could fully unfold nowadays - you have access to already existing music and you can use it as source-database to be ...
thumbnail screenshotFor All Seasons by:andreas muller
For All Seasons was made as a way to explore how interaction can be used as a method for the author to express himself.Currently the complexity of the technology limits our ... +
thumbnail screenshotFreq 2 by:squidsoup
Freq 2 is a PC only downloadalternatively
thumbnail screenshotGlasbead by:john klima
John does this thing called glasbead. Glasbead is a multi-user persistant collaborative musical interface allowing players to manipulate and exchange sound sample files and ... +
thumbnail screenshotMu by:chun lee
Mu is a simple rhythmic performance tool I created in Max/msp. It started out as a exercise in which I attempted to create a synthesized piece from scratch without using any ... +
thumbnail screenshotPiano player's diary by:andreja andric and igor vasiljev
By Andreja AndricPiano Player's Diary is a program for MS-DOS/Windows that produces romantic piano improvisations in MIDI format. The titles of the pieces are chosen like in a ... +
thumbnail screenshotRythym Engine by:hidenori watanave
Through the "RhythmEngine", we suggest, "the session which is inherited from the past to the future using place as an agent" and "music and image communication which has rich ... +
thumbnail screenshotSlub by:ade ward
Stub is easily downloadable from the web, it explores the possibilities of the computer's executable environment within an existingoperating system. Doing this allows more ... +
thumbnail screenshotX_pjS by:gregoire cliquet
Project: What can be a 3D sound-Sampler? How can you play/create with sound in a 3D environment? What does it mean to be 'in' the sound? Description : A vrml cubic structure ... +
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