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thumbnail screenshot360mk2 by:peter luining
3D lingo script development by
thumbnail screenshotFreq 2 by:squidsoup
Freq 2 is a PC only downloadalternatively
thumbnail screenshotGrid Box by:daniel pearce
'GridBox' is an audiovisual composition that explores the notion of play in the interactive experience. The piece utilises a 3x3 grid as an interface for manipulating ...
thumbnail screenshotInner City by:stanza
2002 Sections inside include virosity. artitexture. blackstar. complicity. cuboxis. intoxcity. megalopolis.organicity. phyletcity.revolver. utopias. Continuing the search for ... +
thumbnail screenshotMapa by:influenza
This is an online work based on an algorithmic equation that creates a non-game, a non-interactivity based on a dis-structure of navigation created on a city map. Or, perhaps, ... +
thumbnail screenshotNo. 6a by:peter luining
Interactive minimal sound piece.
thumbnail screenshotNumbers by:stanza
numbers by stanza 2001. One of the new online digital labyrinths. Interactive audio visual digital paintings and drawings for the internet. Journeys and experiments in audio ... +
thumbnail screenshotSodconstructor by:soda
Sodanstructor is an engaging online construction kit that gives visitors the ability to build interactive creations from a sparse framework of limbs and muscles. By altering ... +
thumbnail screenshotSquare G51 by:peter luining
Interactive audiovisual experience
thumbnail screenshotState Of Confusion by:isabel saij
Ancient order unsettled state disorder deconstruction reconstruction room1, room2, ... roomx displacement of the structures new pattern new order ... ancient order
thumbnail screenshotTraber073 by:peter luining
Thanks peter for one of the best pieces on the soundtoys site. Peter has also taken the time go give an in depth interview into his working practise one of the most intersting ... +
Design abstarctions with sounds attached that evolve over the screen.
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