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thumbnail screenshotA journey to Rotterdam by:david upton
This piece is about modern business travel, and also what we see and don't see as we travel by modern transport systems. How aware are the people who make commercial and ... +
thumbnail screenshotBits & Pieces by:peter traub
bits & pieces is a continuous composition that gets its source sounds from the web. Every morning a special search process looks for web pages with links to sound files. If ... +
thumbnail screenshotBox#2 by:simon lalli
the box is a series of audio-visual interactive objects designed with Flash technology for the web or for physical spaces in form of interactive installation. These interactive ... +
thumbnail screenshotBroadcasting Simulator by:yoshi sodeoka
Broadcasting simulator model 000201 with seven channels.
thumbnail screenshotCaution by:emilie pitoiset
Well I guess in one sense this is what some people have come to regard as one of theose annoying net art projects. It takes over your browser and opens loads of windows. ... +
thumbnail screenshotClear by:martin franklin
Transcendental Cyber-Human Soundworlds.Steps into a world developing a new aesthetic of immersive, layered soundfields and images with a hidden eroticism, fusing with the ... +
thumbnail screenshotContrapunctus Variations by:second story
Contrapunctus allows visitors to generate their own musical contribution, which may be part of a live performance from the Third Angle New Music Ensemble. The work will be ... +
thumbnail screenshotCubop v1 by:rechord
Audiovisual composition instrument that provides an easily accessible, alternative way to participate with music and visual arrangement via the creation and on the fly editing ... +
thumbnail screenshotDatacity 2004 by:stanza
Live sounds and live image data caputured in real time from cameras around Bristol. Based on live capture of CCTV in real time. Turn into a painterly interpretation of the ... +
thumbnail screenshotDigital Oracles by:martha carrer cruz gabriel
Since ancient times oracles have been used by men to help choosing paths, and in the Digital Era we live in oracles are used more than ever. The continuous web growth and its ... +
thumbnail screenshotDomestic E.M.I. by:semiconductor
This project came about from an artists residency for a 'Disinformation' show. Disinformation aka. Joe Banks works with atmospheric recordings and delves into the depths of ... +
thumbnail screenshotEgowar by:jpye
Lifesystems is a series of two generated animations inspired by love and relationship. The second system is called "Egowar", some pink, some blue, start with the same strength, ... +
thumbnail screenshotEidetic Memory by:rick mullarky
Eidetic Memory is about perception on a variety of levels. Our memories are full of true representations about everything we see. For the purposes of this piece, Ive put them ... +
thumbnail screenshotElectric Sheep by:scott draves
Elecric Sheep realizes the collectice dream of sleeping computers from all over the internet. Electric Sheep is a free, open source screen saver run by thousands of people all ... +
thumbnail screenshotEnvelope
envelope investigates the life span of all envelope systems from the construction of signs, forms and events to the eventual decay and degradation, its (deconstruction).
thumbnail screenshotFpp: Flash Player Piano by:robert wright
This work is very similar to WCM (above), however in this experiment a three dimensional representation has been attempted (acknowledgment - adapted 3D code by Pavel Kaluzhny, ... +
thumbnail screenshotGR@PHITE by:vera sylvia bighetti
In modern society, the graphite is one of the artistic expressions of the big cities.The project that I've been developing is based in the Hip Hop culture and the generative ... +
thumbnail screenshotGlich-Gen by:dreamaddictivelab
Glitch is the digital deconstruction of an image that suffers a rupture in its source code, this rupture is known as a system error. Glich-gen uses a series of errors processed ... +
thumbnail screenshotHuman capital software solutions by:beatrice gibson
Human Capital is a piece of voice [text.sound] composition software [packaged and potentially marketed as a training tool for use by India based tele-workers] that parodies the ... +
thumbnail screenshotISJS by:pall thayer
ISJS is my most recent effort at creating abstract visual art that borrows from the aesthetic qualities of music. I think that the majority of the general public finds it much ... +
thumbnail screenshotInaccessible by:storybeat
Small online animations with sound.
thumbnail screenshotInfrasonic Soundscape by:hidekazu minami
My project is an interface for the New York City's infrasonic soundscape. We do not as a society pay attention to ambient sounds. We are much more focused on the visual over ... +
thumbnail screenshotInner City by:stanza
2002 Sections inside include virosity. artitexture. blackstar. complicity. cuboxis. intoxcity. megalopolis.organicity. phyletcity.revolver. utopias. Continuing the search for ... +
thumbnail screenshotIridescent Sound by:iridescent
The idea was initially influenced by some of Kandinsky's work, where we wanted to create a sort of game where sound, colours and interaction was all intertwined, creating a ... +
thumbnail screenshotK-Dron and Light. Virtual and Real. by:przemyslaw moskal
Project by Przemyslaw Moskal, K-Dron Shape by Janusz Kapusta, sound by Edward TangVirtual & Real: K-Dron and Light is the first project from my new series Virtual & Real. It ... +
thumbnail screenshotK9-[1] by:boredomresearch
K9-[1] is an interactive sound application, modelled on simple physics -ping or drop a ball on a pad and it plays a sound. The aim was to build a sound application, which ... +
thumbnail screenshotLa Langue Se Charge by:michael sellam
What is a script, who made it and how is it read ? This project is about the language of the computer, the code that uses computer to decode information. Untying the language, ... +
thumbnail screenshotLauscherlebnis (Elbwharf Eavesdropping) by:philip gaedke
Here there is no need to interact and not even the need of watching and concentrating on the work. There is no melody and no rhythm, but still, for those who like the water and ... +
thumbnail screenshotLinasound by:benjamin louis
"Lineasound" permet de creer des boucles aleatoires,selon le contr le de la souris par l'utilisateur. je voulait recreer un "orgue de barbarie", mais c'etait trop linaire 131 ... +
thumbnail screenshotLooking For The New Universal Harmony by:pall thayer
'Looking for the new universal harmony' as in New Harmony in IP numbers rather than nations? Something along those lines.'Looking for the new universal harmony'is another of my ... +
thumbnail screenshotLoop_reprise by:corby & baily
Well you might wonder what I am doing suggesting you look at this piece which isn't exactly net art at 70 mb. But it offers an interesting insight into the diversity and use of ... +
thumbnail screenshotLoud vs. Quiet by:dylan davis
Loud vs Quiet Some people like noise, some people don't. Select a person, make some noise, watch their reaction. A reactive video sound toy.
thumbnail screenshotMacronaut by:toxi
Twelve handcrafted lingo scripts transforming the subspace harmonics of the macronaut soundtrack. they mix up audio energy fields with random parameters and expand your screen ... +
thumbnail screenshotNanoensembles by:antoine schmitt
A new series of pieces for the internet: Little broken musical mechanical automatas, which evolve endlessly and autonomously. In-between the individual presence of the objects ... +
thumbnail screenshotNetsong by:peter traub
By peter traub and amy alexanderWhen provided a searchterm, the netsong bot will search for this term in a search engine, then choose a page from the search results and begin ... +
thumbnail screenshotNio by:jim andrews
This is one of the best pieces of audiovisual poetry. Nio was commssioned by so thanks for letting us include Jims project. So you can visit the project via the ... +
thumbnail screenshotNo. 6a by:peter luining
Interactive minimal sound piece.
thumbnail screenshotNop Sing by:benjamin louis
"Nop_sing"est un attracteur visuel et sonore. Aucune interactivite, tout est base que sur du random. Seul la matrice est fixe.
thumbnail screenshotNumbers by:stanza
numbers by stanza 2001. One of the new online digital labyrinths. Interactive audio visual digital paintings and drawings for the internet. Journeys and experiments in audio ... +
thumbnail screenshotPOM by:dimitri barnias
POM is an algorithmic music tool based partly on Markov chains. The sound output at a given moment in time is determined by the previous audio output using logical rules. Such ... +
thumbnail screenshotPattern Chain: Internet Instrument by:robert wright
A playable and fun instrument which generates musical patterns based upon the physical movements of a chain of objects which together simulate the properties of either spring ... +
thumbnail screenshotPerpetual Emotion Project by:out-of-sync
Perpetual Emotion Project is an audio-visual internet work that plays with e.motions as relays, networks and vibrations. The vibration of e.motions resound through the work. ... +
thumbnail screenshotPesephone by:christina mcphee and shane carro
A labyrinth of online flash movies. Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter (Goddess of the Harvest) moves between the world of air and light and the underworld of gas and ... +
thumbnail screenshotPhotomontage by:shirin kouladjie
An application of certain elementary principles in the arrangements which surround us in daily life. These principles are so simple that when they are complied with, one is not ... +
thumbnail screenshotProsthetic Component Interface Series by:andrew bucksbarg and aerostatic
Prosthetic Component Interfaces are participatory media objects. PCI playfully simulate the interfaces of futuristic, electronic components in pixel form, similar to the ... +
thumbnail screenshotRude little song by:barry smylie
It is a setting for Jim's music and my graphic work. This is a picture illustrated song in shockwave.
thumbnail screenshotSafeplaces by:toshiendo
. . . to instill the idea that the internet has more potential than it currently demonstrates. We give the internet conceptual limits and fault to realize its true worth. The ... +
thumbnail screenshotSibling Revelry by:peter traub
A net sampling sound toy by Peter @ Greg Traub.After months of collaboration by the brothers Traub (Greg and Peter), 'sibling revelry' is ready for your ears. Simply type in a ... +
thumbnail screenshotSinging Worms ... by:nekomook
A Non-interactive randomness sound thing.
thumbnail screenshotSodconstructor by:soda
Sodanstructor is an engaging online construction kit that gives visitors the ability to build interactive creations from a sparse framework of limbs and muscles. By altering ... +
thumbnail screenshotSome of the Parts by:beth porter and guy denning
Words & Concept: Beth Porter, Sound & Image: Guy DenningThis is a piece about invention and reinvention. About choices. About identity. It is based on creative traditions ... +
thumbnail screenshotSonic Sweetshop by:jey malaiperuma
A superb flash based sound environment. More and more artists are using flash tecnology.The point is it allows quite alot of freedom to create innovative musical interactions. ... +
thumbnail screenshotSonicplanet by:tamisier guilhem
I have always been fascinated by sounds on travels as well as spaces/locations and time zones. I also like the feeling of mixing native sounds (recorded down the street) with ... +
thumbnail screenshotSound Engine - beta v1.0 by:mark dearman & adam rodgers
About the work: Interactive experimentation using Flash + Sound.Year completed: 2002Machine Based Creations [Design + Technology]Other awards, festivals: winner of the ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundboxes by:michiel knaven
A series of small interlocked shockwaves that play on the theme of soundboxes. Fun fast and interactive. One of the first artists on soundtoys .net. Michiel's work has been ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundpoems 1-3 by:joerg piringer
Soundpoems one, two and three. The soundpoems one, two and three are interactive phonetic poems. minimal abstract poetry. games for sampled voice.
thumbnail screenshotSoundscape by:john woodward
Its about collaboration between people , I'm interested in how technology can bring people together 'people to people' rather than 'human to computer' interaction . I was ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundscraper by:stanza
Series of six multi sound environments by stanza. Lots of built in sounds and layers. soundscraper ...... 1999 - 2000These works are an audio visual synthesis. These works in ... +
thumbnail screenshotSpringtails by:boredomresearch
Recently, we have developed our soundworks by utilising virtual life algorithms, like those used for exploring the behaviours of decentralised systems, such as bird flocks and ... +
thumbnail screenshotSquare G51 by:peter luining
Interactive audiovisual experience
thumbnail screenshotStadt Sound Station by:akuvido
System requirements for CD: mac or pc. Grafic card, 1024x768 + 256 MB RAM or more + Sound card - 16 bit/ 48kHz. Performance: To achieve maximum performance it is recommended to ... +
thumbnail screenshotStand By Your Guns by:jillian mcdonald
Stand By Your Guns simultaneously glorifies and vilifies the handgun, masquerading as a children's fun centre. Visitors can watch gun-TV, play games, visit Charlton Heston via ... +
thumbnail screenshotStereoscopy space by:vera sylvia bighetti
AbstractThe project of creation and execution of generative art in a dialogue between the space, the virtual object and the interactor. The public mediate in the projected ... +
thumbnail screenshotSystem 1.6 by:boredomresearch
System 1.6 uses artificial life algorithms to construct a live sound composition. It is a tank that contains 13 digital species that interact with each other in a brightly ... +
thumbnail screenshotTerranium by:carla diana
Terranium is an audiovisual environment that allows the user to explore a virtual world on 3-different levels: sub-terranian, ground-level and stellar. In each section, ... +
thumbnail screenshotTextbook by:compound pilot
Textbook is inspired by Man Ray's "Untitled poem, 391, no. 17 (1924)," where lines of text are blacked out so that the original words are no longer readable. In our piece the ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Futurizer by:detlef bursiek
This musictool uses 1. backgroundsounds - the large rects, 2. repeating sounds - 3. the small rects and sounds - the lines. you can arrange them on the grid. loudness for each ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Futurizer Xmas by:detlef bursiek
This musictool is based on the futurizer from 1999. it features some well-know german xmas songs. you can play the songs by hitting the rects in the right order. the online ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Well by:toxi
Connect a microphone (or put in a CD) to your machine and select it as sound input *before* clicking on the link...imagine you're inside a very deep & dark well, near the water ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe World Is Our Sound Toy by:dylan davis
These works are an extension of my interest in photography, music and the Australian Landscape. I am trying to not only present proof of concepts and areas of further ...
thumbnail screenshotTime For Change by:colleen tully
An aeroplane flying with a message
thumbnail screenshotTwo Ways by:jpye
Lifesystems is a series of two generated animations inspired by love and relationship.The first system is called "two ways". One pink, one blue, are together. Then they split ... +
thumbnail screenshotUeda by:u sun
The work actualizes ideologies of emergent matter associated with biological data, intuitive behavioural pathways, aesthetics, counter-culture and mythical (fictitious) ... +
thumbnail screenshotVds: Virtual Drum Skin by:robert wright
The aim of this work was to develop a fun environment to explore rhythmic patterns. The resulting work allows for a succession of ?grains? to be dropped upon virtual drums of ... +
thumbnail screenshotVersion v.005 by:elout de kok
Technical note; you can use your arrow keys to zoom in/out. click your mouse for a different coloured lightning and visual appearance.If your screen goes all gray on a windows ... +
thumbnail screenshotVisitorsStudio by:neil jenkins
The VisitorsStudio is a multi-user online arena for production, display and discussion of audiovisual, screen based work. Visitors experiment and respond to each others' ... +
thumbnail screenshotVoice Mosaic by:martha carrer cruz gabriel
The Voice Mosaic is an interactive web-art that was born with the intention of allowing any person to participate using as interface the most pervasive and simplest ...
thumbnail screenshotWCM: Wind Chime Marimba by:robert wright
The aim of this work was to develop an infinite 'composition-engine' small enough in file size to be viable for use on the Internet of today, one that would produce evolving ... +
thumbnail screenshotWeb Of Lies / Tiss De Mensonges by:tamara lai
Texts, images, animations, sounds & codes : Tamara LAI (Belgium)Keywords: posthuman,, language, Internet, audio, animationGenre: AllegoryType: Visual, Text, Audio, ... +
thumbnail screenshotc404_28_v1.5 by:yoshi sodeoka's something for your senses. Click in the frame to make toy activeI'm interested in making unpleasant noise which is under appreciated in way; we are ... +
thumbnail screenshotd'accord - karaoke by:annie abrahams
"Resurrection karaoke for the humiliated" or "Test to predict potential agressive behavior" (flash, sound on)Ple4as note 2.7 mb please wait for download. For full experience : ... +
thumbnail screenshotklocki v2 by:8rolek
sound-toy designed specially for "natarcie netartu" exhibition. "natarcie netartu" took place in june 2003 in national gallery of modern art "zacheta" in warsaw.
thumbnail screenshotradar by:8rolek
sound-toy designed specially for "natarcie netartu" exhibition. "natarcie netartu" took place in june 2003 in national gallery of modern art "zacheta" in warsaw.
A sorts of abstracted flash animations.
Interactive and generative audio visual abstractions by stanza.
Web Phases is an interactive musical composition that incorporates chance and randomness of Internet traffic.
web drum
The WebDrum is a drumbox that can be shared by several people over the Internet.
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